Shannon Whoops It Up With Vicki In Puerto Vallarta

You know, as much as I like to think I can handle episode after episode of Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow arguing, Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County was a much-needed break from the weekly Chairgate head-on collisions. No, the Heather/Shannon feud wasn’t swept under the rug entirely, but we put a pin in it. And it was a nice little break.

So, if Chairgate wasn’t the driving force of the episode, what happened? Anything? Uh yes, duh: Heather and her family watched her episode of Hawaii Five-0, Lizzie Beador asked Heather how to "have it all" (Heather told Lizzie that Lizzie does have it all, she just has to remind herself. AW, HEATHER), Tamra Judge took care of robo baby Astro, and Shannon met Vicki in Puerto Vallarta. And Shannon in Puerto Vallarta was incred.

The sort-of fight between Shannon and David Beador that ignited during the beachside tequila tasting? Not incred. The this-turned-sour-really-fast-so-let’s-excuse-ourselves-from-the-table fight between Shannon and David during the group dinner? Not incred. But Shannon living life by Shannon’s rules while whooping it up with Vicki? AUUUGHHH I loved it.

Shannon will do Shannon. She's not the "when in Rome" type. She's the "sorry, not going to settle for sleeping in a double bed in your beachside condo" type. And though I was surprised she accepted Vicki's brother's offer to switch rooms without hesitation, I respected it. Because she is who she is, and vacation will not harsh her vibe.

That wasn't the only Shannon-tastic moment from Monday night's ep that stuck with me. Here are three more that I've yet to move on from:

Packing For The Trip

While the Beadors prep for their vaycay, David tells Shannon to put away the ball gowns or whatever it is she's holding (I like to think they are ball gowns). He says she'll be wearing shorts for a majority of the trip.

“I’m just curious," Shannon begins. "When’s the last time you saw me wear a pair of shorts?”

David cannot remember. Why? Because Shannon doesn't wear shorts. And Shannon's not about to change that for this trip. Atta girl. Ball gowns to the beach it is!

(Ugh, I WISH Shannon wore ball gowns to the beach. Though she's not a fan of shorts, she does own beach-friendly clothing. Caftans and flowy dresses and what have you. She can save her ball gowns for a rainy day. Or you know, a ball.)

Jet Skiing

“I don’t like the ocean because of the fish,” Shannon says during a confessional. “I don’t want to tip over [on the jet ski] because then I’m in the ocean and god knows what’s below me.”

Yes, Shannon has a fun time jet skiing, but she can't let loose entirely. The fear of what lies beneath is too great.

Understandable. Did you see that movie?

Cigar Shopping

Vicki takes Shannon to a local cigar shop. Vicki explains that while she never inhales, she enjoys smoking one every now and again. She says something about women looking “sexy" while they smoke cigars. Shannon is not feeling it. Vicki puffs away and Shannon refuses to partake. She coughs, winces, and says Vicki will get sick.

So on-brand, Shannon. Vacation or not, you stay true to that toxin-free life.

Image: Bravo