'Extant' Just Got Creepier

Prepare yourself for one deliciously creepy new sci-fi drama. Entertainment Weekly just released a clip from new series Extant , and while I'm not exactly sure what the heck is going on in this clip, this scene has definitely hooked me for the long haul. From the trailer, we know that Extant will be about astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry, finally on the small screen!) who comes back from a 13-month solo mission in space... but not alone. Woods is mysteriously pregnant, and it isn't long before the people back on Earth begin acting as shadily as ever. There's definitely a larger conspiracy at work here, and it all starts with whatever Woods brought back from space in her womb. While we still don't know what the deal is with this pregnancy, this new clip enlightens us to the possibility of how Woods got pregnant in the first place — and it's creepy as hell.

The new Extant clip shows a (not pregnant) Woods floating around, solo, in her space shuttle, when she sees someone outside of a closed door. On the fog, the man writes the words "Help Me." Woods, shocked by the fact that someone is at the door of her space ship, floats over to the door and opens it. The man walks in — yes, walks in — and stands in front of a bewildered Woods, who calls out his name: Marcus. According to Entertainment Weekly, Marcus is the name of Woods' ex-lover — which means that this man is someone that Woods already knows. Why is he — and how is he — on her space ship?

Marcus isn't just a regular old guy — there's something strange about Marcus, and it's not just the fact that he isn't affected by zero gravity. It's almost as if he's not... human. He slowly repeats Woods' words back to her, as though he's trying to understand what she is saying. Then, in what might be the creepiest moment of the clip, he runs his hand down from her face to her stomach, stopping over the spot where her future baby will grow. Uh, did Marcus just alien-impregnate this astronaut?!? Here's the clip below:

My theory? That this version of Marcus is totally not the Marcus that Woods really knows — it has to be someone posing as Woods' ex-lover in order to gain entry into the ship. That, or Marcus is dead, and has returned as a hybrid alien-ghost, which, though bizarre, would make for some pretty entertaining drama. Considering that this show is called Extant, which is defined as "still existing," I have a feeling that whoever impregnated Woods is trying to make sure that their race of people continues by impregnating unsuspecting vessels like astronauts. Perhaps Woods' alien baby is set to launch an alien invasion of Earth, which would essentially make Extant just Rosemary's Baby in space.

Sign me up, please.