Dem Babies Are Getting Their Own Children's Book

Nick Cannon's life has been anything but typical. Starting out as a Nickelodeon fan favorite in the kid skit show, All That, Cannon catapulted from that gig into bigger and better things, like, oh, I don't know, getting his kids their own book. Yep, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's kids are getting their own children's book. Nick Cannon may have started his career as a kid himself, but he ended up with his own comedy/variety show on MTV, Wild N' Out, and starring roles in movies like Drumline and Love Don't Cost A Thing. Due to the success he channeled early on in his career, it enabled him to branch out into many different aspects of the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the camera. The 33-year-old's extensive resume boasts that he has written, acted, directed, performed on, produced, and hosted a slew of shows ranging from the nostalgic Cousin Skeeter to his current gig on America's Got Talent. And now he can add author to that list. Author of a book named after his kids.

It most certainly isn't in Cannon's nature to tone down his personal life. After getting married to the incomparable diva Miss Mariah Carey six years ago, the couple have had two children, twins Moroccan and Monroe. Or, as they're better known to their "fans" (you know, as many fans as toddlers can truly culminate), "Dem Babies." What a moniker! But Dem Babies can only be alive for so long without making a name for themselves and establishing their own identity. Can't ride off mom and dad's coattails forever. Cannon revealed that he penned a new children's book with Scholastic that has the twins at the forefront. That's right, y'all. Roc and Roe's 12 Days of Christmas will soon be on a shelf or Amazon wishlist near you.

The actor explained the unusual business venture to E! News saying, "They're like the new Raggedy Ann and Andy." We're just hoping that he remembers Raggedy Ann and Andy were dolls and not real live people, like the twins. Aside from that quip, Cannon asserts that he doesn't want his kids to be subjected to the spotlight, in spite of getting their own book. (And series?) "I actually don't want them to be in the business, but I understand that people have fallen in love with them and they have fans and stuff," the proud father proclaimed.

Well, if nothing else, we're curiously awaiting this book on the Christmas escapades of the progeny of Mariah and Nick. It will make a great, unexpected stocking stuffer sure to confuse every member of your family.

Image: Mariah Carey/Instagram