Iggy Azalea Is a New Mom — Kind Of

Iggy Azalea is a mom! Well...kind of. Sort of. OK, fine, I'll admit that was shameless clickbait — but in my defense, she did make a new addition to her family. In two new posts on her Instagram account, Iggy Azalea revealed pictures of her new puppy that she adopted recently, since returning to LA after touring to support her recently released first album, The New Classic.

Azalea first revealed that she'd gotten a dog just last month, in post on her Twitter: "I'm a puppy mother now. It's a girl," she announced in a tweet on June 27 (see, even Azalea got in on the whole "new mom" joke!) It wasn't until late last night, though, that she revealed pictures of the new pup, as well as her name. Get ready for this one — even as far as crazy celeb baby names go, this one is a doozy. But a cute one!

"'Shrinkabull jam don't shake like that Jelli,'" Azalea posted on her Instagram, along with the first picture of her with her new puppy, before adding, "but you can call her Jelli, for short." Shrinkabull jam don't shake like that Jelli — try saying that three times fast. The second picture was without a caption, but depicted Jelli sleeping like the adorable little creature she is.

While I'm generally the first to argue that all the time is a good time to get a new dog, Azalea's timing in adopting Jelli makes sense when you think about it...and it might indicate more about her relationship with her boyfriend, basketball player Nick Young, than she's revealed in the press. She's just released her first full-length album and toured across the world, so her time isn't occupied with that as much anymore — and it's been revealed that her relationship with Young may be getting serious. According to a source speaking to Us Weekly last month, the pair "only have a good time together...it's a really fun relationship, they are always laughing and having fun… it's very light and drama-free with them." Getting a puppy when in a longterm relationship could be considered a big step!

Anyway, here are the pictures of Azalea's adorable new dog. If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go look at GIFs of adorable puppies and sob about my apartment building's 'No Pets' policy over my laptop.

Images: TheNewClassic/Instagram