Lindsay Lohan on 'Chelsea Lately' Is Actually Very, Very Good — VIDEO

I'll admit: Part of me thought we'd see Bigfoot in a Friends reunion movie before we'd see a Lindsay Lohan comeback. But, as an entertainment reporter who has wrote time and time (and time) again about the actress' impending comeback, the moment appears to be here. Yes, unlike fetch, it seems that Lindsay Lohan is about to happen again.

Brush me off if you must, but facts and reports are starting to indicate otherwise. Not only does the actress legitimately look good following her three-month rehab stint, but she's also earning raves for her work in Paul Schrader's The Canyons . And, to boot, just debuted an exclusive clip from the actress' upcoming guest hosting stint on Chelsea Lately . The result: Lohan is actually good. (See the clip here.)

Sure, there's as little chance that Lohan wrote her quips as you ever saw I Know Who Killed Me, but Lohan's delivery is not only solid, but natural. (Plus, those on the scene say the actress arrived on time and "busted right through the opening monologue in one take, feeding off of the audience's energy.") In fact, she sold the one-liner, "I'm just excited that Kristen Stewart finally showed some emotion," with such confidence, you'd think you were looking at Chelsea Handler herself. And, if Lohan's goal was to act just like the late night comedienne, well, it turns out Lohan is a pretty darn good actress.

So why not get on board the Lohan comeback bandwagon, cynics? If nothing else, the Lindsay Lohan trainwreck was starting to get as old as "fetch" references. Go ahead — embrace it. Stop feeling like this:

And start celebrating the fact that we can pretend it's 2004 again.

Image: E!