He Really Is A Hermano De Pollo

Now these two really are los hermanos pollos. Your favorite television restaurant manager, Gus from Breaking Bad, signed a fan's fried chicken. Yes, that Gus — the Gus who manned Los Pollos Hermanos, the ultimate cover for a meth lab. This is pretty much as good as fried chicken gets... but here's hoping that the guy who received the autograph actually eats the chicken and just holds onto the box. Common knowledge tells me that chicken doesn't hold up too long, and it leaves quite a rancid smell if it's left to decompose. But I digress.

Instead of focusing on the potential atrocities if fried chicken is left to rot, let's focus on how this lucky person had the Ultimate Fried Chicken Experience and how the actor, Giancarlo Esposito, is obviously super cool since he was totally game to sign this box as his Breaking Bad alter ego.

The series and its fictional fried chicken restaurant-turned-meth organization had a huge impact, of cour. Look no further than the person who got arrested in February for cooking meth while incidentally (or not so incidentally) wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirt.

Take a look at the awesome relic, and cross your fingers that one day you are equally fortunate when you're dining at an establishment like KFC or Hill Country Chicken...

Image: AMC; Imgur