Get To Know Team USA's Kyle Beckerman

by Alicia Lu

If you're one of the roughly 3.2 billion people watching the World Cup, then you've probably noticed Kyle Beckerman, that hot midfielder on Team USA. One Broadway makeup artists described him as "Fabio meets Bob Marley," thanks to Beckerman's famous dreadlocks. Some people are even talking about his soccer skills, which the midfielder has in spades, as he's exhibited these last few weeks in Brazil.

Fans have praised his aggressive defense and efficient ball-passing, which has stopped better-known players like Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo's passes from going through. Representing Salt Lake City's Real Salt Lake team, the 32-year-old stud has been playing professionally for MLS for 14 years, and now he's becoming a standout star in his first-ever World Cup. And, unfortunately for us, he got married earlier this year to equally-gorgeous Kate Pappa.

The Huffington Post decided that recently-married Beckerman and his wife, Kate, "might be soccer’s most beautiful couple," while distributing a series of their engagement photos taken at Rio Tinto Stadium and in a canyon setting. Oh, and if you had any doubt, Vogue named him as one of the 12 hottest soccer players to watch in Brazil's 2014 World Cup.

But there's more! Behold, 17 things you didn't know about Kyle Beckerman...

He Has Some Great Tattoos

He Has a Mean Kick

He's the Captain of Real Salt Lake

He Looks Just as Good in a Suit Now...

As He Did When He Was Little

He's a Maryland Native

He Never Went to College, So He's Making Up For It Now By Reading a Ton

He Likes Fishing

A Lot

Like, a Lot a Lot

He Was One of the Players to Be Featured on the Cover of the FIFA 13 XBOX 360 Game

He Loves Leaving Notes For His Mother — Awwww

Did We Mention That He Likes Fishing?

He Married Kate Pappas in January

But to Make Up For That Sad News, Here's a GIF of His Dreads in Action

Your Wish Is Our Command

And One More of Him Just Looking Hot, For Good Measure

Images: sarahhii/Instagram, kylebeckerman/Instagram, Kyle Beckerman/Facebook