When is Alyssa Milano's Baby Due?

by Caitlyn Callegari

Charmed fans everywhere rejoiced when Alyssa Milano, aka the best Halliwell sister, announced back in March that she was expecting another baby. This child will be her second super Italian bundle of joy with husband David Bugliari. Since the announcement, Milano has kept tight-lipped on when her new baby is due despite giving extensive details into the uh, creation, of said baby. Whatever floats your boat, Phoebs. Still, fans want to know when Alyssa Milano's baby is due and we just might have it figured out.

It's not like we blame Milano for not giving too much information, though. The seasoned actress has lived a public life since the age of ten and it's understandable that she'd want the birth of her child to be an intimate and personal affair. Especially since much of a celebrity's major life milestones are brought in with flashing lights and heckling due to the ravenous paparazzi attention. But that doesn't mean we aren't curious! We're only human after all and we like to know these things! Plus, babies are cute and chubby and exciting. Who's with us?

While the Who's the Boss star may have wanted to keep the due date a secret, she was just too excited not to reveal the gender of her baby. In May, she shared a video announcing that she and her husband were expecting their first girl and that they were over-the-moon thrilled about it. Her first child was a boy, Milo, who is now nearly three.

Now, from extensive calculations, review of recent baby bump pictures, and my experience with as little math in college as humanly possible, we can deduce that Milano may be expecting her child in late summer or early fall. Considering she announced her pregnancy in March and revealed the gender in mid May, that would make her at the very least four or so months along nearly two months ago so we're assuming she's currently around six or seven months.

All this calculating would have been a hell of a lot easier if we had access to the three (or four, I guess) Halliwell sisters' powers.

If they can make people explode by the flick of their wrists, they can definitely tell me when to send flowers to Milano's hospital room.

Even Leo seemed pretty adept at figuring out pregnancy related issues.

Regardless of when she's due, I just hope that this pregnancy bodes better for Milano than Phoebe's did. Because, ya know, she conceived a child with a super hot demon and it didn't turn out so well.

Images: Tumblr, Tumblr