Kim Kardashian LOVED This New Movie

She might have slightly missed her opportunity for timeliness on this one, but one can rarely accuse Kim Kardashian of being off-trend: The Kardashians loved The Fault In Our Stars , and it was (obviously) Kim who led the charge. We'd say this means celebrities are just like us, but that doesn't often seem to be the case with the Kardashians.

Differences aside, though, there's something weirdly... comforting in imagining a slice of the Kardashian brood piling into their tricked-out Range Rovers and/or Rolls Royces and heading to their local AMC for an afternoon showing of The Fault In Our Stars. Screw the TIME 100, the box office glory, the appearance on The Colbert Report: You know John Green's made it because the Kardashians are talking about him.

Kim tweeted her approval of the Josh Boone-directed film Monday, writing "OMG I had to take the whole family to go see The Fault In Our Stars[.] This movie OMG it's literally my new Notebook." And yes, she cried — she followed up her first tweet by noting, "I brought my own box of tissues." Didn't we all, Kim? Didn't we all.

Kim didn't provide details on exactly which Kardashians/Jenners/etc. joined her for this movie outing, but we gotta say: We have our headcanon, and it's that Kanye West was sitting next to her bawling through that entire movie.

Image: Rebloggy