Kit's Hair Has A New Gig

Kit Harington may have once looked like this, but today, that shy, nerdy-looking swan has turned into a strapping, comely-coiffed young man. And GOT fans aren't the only ones who realize this — Jimmy Choo has, too. Last March, Jimmy Choo cast Kit Harington as the very handsome face of the brand's new men's collection, and today, they debuted the ad for Choo's first men's fragrance, Jimmy Choo Man.

In the minute-and-a-half-long video, Harington does what he does best — broods all over the place, with every curl of his dark, long hair framing his concerned and pensive face perfectly. A woman, whose mug is not nearly as important as Harington's, is basically a pair of super long Jimmy-Choo-topped stems. She prances around their Los Angeles estate on the hills overlooking the city. Harington watches her, very seriously. It's unclear what he's thinking so long and hard about, but spends most of the video de-stressing by using the woman's legs as a neck pillow and snapping photos of her in a dark room. It's all very strange and fashion-y, but the most important thing here is Harington's hair. Yes, although Harington finds everyone's obsession with his curls "silly," no one can help but keep their eyes off of it. Who cares about his cologne? Someone get this man an Herbal Essences contract! With that, here are Harington's 9 best hair moments from the video.

1. When he just stood there and the light reflected off his curls like woah

2. When he wrapped the woman's long, lean legs around his neck, but no one cared about her and just admired his facial scruff

3. When his hair sat quietly with him

4. When he smiled (only briefly) and his hair bounced with joy.

5. When he gave us a side look and his hair blew ever-so-delicately in the California breeze

6. When he was like, "Why aren't your legs around my neck, lady?" and his hair was like, "Yeah, lady!"

7. When his hair's silhouette looked like this

8. When his hair made him look like a regal lion with a marvelous mane

9. When it looked like this in the dark room

To see his hair in action, watch the full video below.

Images: Jimmy Choo