This 'OITNB'/'Law & Order' Supercut Is Unreal

Even when a show is renowned for its ensemble cast, you don't really realize how sprawling that cast is until you see just how many of them have been in Law & Order. Orange Is the New Black , for example, has had a whopping 31 cast members appear on the the various versions of America's long-running procedural. Seems like TV crime's always been in their destiny.

You can see all of this in the glorious supercut that Nerve put together (below), in which those 31 cast members step out of their orange jumpsuits and take on that world. It's a testament to just how many actors trudge through Law & Order in their years of due-paying and guest spots — hint: It's a lot of them — as well as a nice shout-out to the fact that Orange Is the New Black's managed to round up a truly great cast of all kinds of people.

One of the joys of this supercut is being able to see our Orange Is the New Black ensemble members take on a different flavor. You actually get to hear the (screaming and speaking) voice of Annie Golden, for example, which we never get to while watching her play mute but loyal Norma in Orange. It's a special delight.