23 Things to Do if Arthur Rains On Your Parade

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Bad news for those of us located on the East Coast: According to the weather report, big ol’ tropical storm Arthur is heading straight towards us...and it looks like it’s going to make 4th of July weather pretty messy. Instead of celebrating by sitting in the sun, slapping giant hunks of meat over a bunch of hot coals, and setting off a wide variety of explosives, we might end up being stuck indoors while the rain pours outside. Lame.

But hey, guess what? You may need to reschedule the fireworks and the block party — but there are still plenty of ways you can entertain yourself in an appropriately thematic fashion without ever setting foot outdoors. And not only that, but we’ve done the hard part for you: In an effort to help you get a head start on nailing down your backup plans, we’ve assembled a list of 23 activities with which to fill your 4th of July. From edibles to imbibables and from games to art projects, they should keep you and your pals busy all day long. What are you waiting for? Grab your buds and get celebrating!

1. Eat this for breakfast:

4th of July toast? Yes please!

2. Make s’mores by toasting marshmallows over the gas burners of your stove.

Alternatively, you could try baking them. Just stay clear of Stay Puft.

3. Spend way too long picking out the most patriotic outfit you can.

May we offer some suggestions?

4. Make your own fireworks out of construction paper.

The more glitter, the better!

5. Or, get creative with a little fireworks-themed nail art, or one of our other summery suggestions.

This requires a steadier hand than I have, but if you’re good with teeny tiny paint brushes, more power to you.

6. And if you really want to go all out, don’t forget your makeup.

The Gloss has some excellent red, white, and blue makeup ideas ranging from the super simple (blue mascara) to the over-the-top elaborate (see above).

7. Mix up some hurricanes.

Get it? Because the tropical storm is coming?

8. Or some dark and stormies.

Get it? Because it's going to be dark and stormy?

9. Or some red, white, and blue cocktails.

10. Heck, just crack open whatever booze you’ve got.

We may as well embrace our alcohol issues as a nation on this day of days.

11. Have an indoor picnic.

Here are some of our favorite picnic recipes. Bonus points if you build a pillow fort, too.

12. Spend the day with Batman.

IFC is playing an all-day marathon of the 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward starting at 6 a.m. Why would you not want take part in this glorious event?

13. Blast a 4th of July playlist from iTunes all day…

I would caution against putting “Born in the USA” in it, as the song isn’t actually that patriotic when you listen closely… but hey, do whatever you want. ‘Murica!

14…Don’t forget to add “Rock You Like a Hurricane” to the mix…

We’re going to ignore the fact that Scorpion is a German band. Shhhhh.

15…And have an indoor dance party while you’re at it.

16. Dress your pets up in ridiculous patriotic costumes and have a fashion show.

Because it will be hilarious.

17. Dress up yourself in ridiculous patriotic costumes and have a fashion show.

We’re equal opportunity when it comes to sartorial humiliation here at Bustle.

18. Play Monopoly.

There’s nothing more American than buying all the prime real estate you can right out from underneath everyone you know.

19. Set up an indoor mini golf course.

Just, y’know, make sure you put all the breakables somewhere safe first.

20. Have a pie-eating contest.

Here, we've even got recipes for you.

21. Three words: Tie Dye Party.

22. Have a movie marathon.

Better yet, have a themed movie marathon: Independence Day and Men in Black cover the whole aliens thing; 1776 and The Patriot get the historical angle down; and so on.

23. Play Twister.

See what we did there? No? Maybe this will help jog your memory:


Happy 4th, everyone!

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