7 Great 4th of July TV Episodes From 'Saved by The Bell', 'The Wonder Years' & More

Everyone knows that Fourth of July, when you get down to it, is just about the TV. Sure, there's the fireworks, and the barbecues, and the dressing up in patriotic colors, but all of that wears thin pretty fast. By three or four PM, even the most enthusiastic holiday celebrators need a break — and that's where pop culture comes in. Fourth of July Weekend is home to some of the best movie/TV selections of the year; 2014's line-up includes showings of Independence Day, The Walking Dead, and something called a "Rom Com" marathon over on MTV. Yet while all of those choices will undoubtedly make for solid holiday viewing, they're not quite as good as the real July 4th entertainment: Fourth of July TV episodes.

For television, Independence Day-themed episodes aren't quite as common as those that revolve around Christmas or New Year's, typically because many shows stick to a September-May schedule. Yet for the few that dare to differ, their Fourth of July episodes often become just as memorable and loved as any those about any other holiday, and sometimes, they're even better; something about the beaches, the parties, and all that red-white-and-blue just brings out the best in TV. Our seven favorite July 4th episodes:

"Fourth of July," Saved By the Bell


When: Season 3, episode 6.

What Happens: The beach club holds its annual July 4th beauty pageant, for which Zach is a judge. Problems arise, however, when the contestants turn out to be Lisa, Jessie, Kelly and Stacey.

Fourth of July-ness: Just look at that photo — this is the ultimate Fourth of July episode.

"The Kardashians Take NYC," Keeping Up With the Kardashians


When: Season 5, episode 11.

What Happens: The whole clan goes to New York for the 4th of July, where Scott and Kourtney make a big decision and Kim steps out with her new boyfriend.

Fourth of July-ness: Only a bit. They needed a reason to go to New York, but the episode's events have little to do with July 4th.

"Summer of 4 Ft. 2," The Simpsons


When: Season 7, episode 25.

What Happens: While at Ned Flanders' beach house for the summer, Lisa tries to befriend the "cool" kids, Bart gets jealous, and Homer attempts to buy fireworks, American Graffiti style.

Fourth of July-ness: Very. Illegal fireworks, hangouts with friends, forced family dinner? So July 4th.

"Independence Day," The Wonder Years

ABC Family

When: Season 6, episode 22.

What Happens: It was the finale, so a lot; most memorably, Winnie and Kevin get back together and attend a July 4th parade.

Fourth of July-ness: There's the parade and the episode's title, but otherwise, the show's series finale is focused on a lot bigger things than the holiday in the background.

"Born Again on the Fourth of July," King of the Hill


When: Season 13, episode 14.

What Happens: Residents of Rainey and Milton Streets begin a Fourth of July competition: whoever has the better fireworks show wins. Also, Bobby discovers religion.

Fourth of July-ness: Very.

"Born on the Fourth of July," Getting On


When: Season 1, episode 1.

What Happens: Nurse DiDi's first day at the Elder Care unit goes predictably awry when she receives conflicting orders, witnesses a meltdown, and works with a handful of troublesome patients.

Fourth of July-ness: Not much. Hospitals aren't usually great settings for holiday celebrations.

"Fireworks," The Real Housewives of New York City


When: Season 6, episode 7.

What Happens: While in the Hamptons for Fourth of July weekend, shenanigans ensue: Kristen and Ramona fight during tennis, Sonja accuses Ramona of disloyalty, and Aviva confronts Carole.

Fourth of July-ness: The episodes takes place at a clambake, a beach, and other Fourth favorites, so that counts... even if the actual events have nothing to do with the holiday.