While you might be counting down the minutes until your three-day weekend for the 4th of July begins, our neighbors to the north are celebrating their country earlier in the week. July 1 is Canada Day which celebrates the date in 1867 when Canada officially became a country within the British Empire. In modern times, it is also a day on which people tweet "Happy Canada Day!" messages along with ridiculous photos of Justin Bieber. On the one hand, this makes me feel bad for Canadians. They didn't choose to have Justin Bieber as their international representative, it's just the way it is. Us Americans don't have just one person who is so closely associated with our nation. President Obama? Kim Kardashian? Ronald McDonald? How do you choose! For Canada, it's Justin Bieber. Hands down. No questions asked.

But on the other hand, funny Justin Bieber photos are amazing and so I'm not going to just act like they don't exist in order to give Canadians a day of Bieber-free peace on their national holiday. Sorry, y'all. Where Bieber's harem pants go, hilarity follows. And so, I bring you the best Justin Bieber Canada Day tweets!

The Sincere Tweet

This person is legitimately a fan of Justin Bieber and is legitimately using the Justin-Bieber-meets-the-Prime-Minister-in-overalls photo to celebrate.

The Yikes Tweet

Don't listen, J.B. The camera most certainly does not need to be any lower.

The "Take Him Back"/"We Don't Want Him" Tweets

There are sooooo many of these and no photos were necessary to get these points accross.

The Andrew W.K. Tweet

Yes, it's its own category.

The Trash Bag Pants Tweet

He is fashion, after all.

The Cartoon Bieber Tweets

Do these need to exist? Nope. But yet, here they are.

The Onesie Tweet

Canadian Bieber + American onesie = Two holidays at once!

The Best Use of Photoshop Ever Tweet

It's truly a work of art.

Happy Canada Day, everybody! Even you, Justin. Even you.