How Switzerland's Team Reminds Us Of 'FNL'

If you've ever watched a sports movie, you know what an underdog looks like. If you're paying attention to the World Cup, Switzerland is that underdog this time around. It's something the team themselves has welcomed and even relished going into their match against Argentina. Center-back Fabian Schaer said, "We are clearly the underdogs against Argentina and we want to use the opportunity." Unfortunately, they wound up losing the game 1-0.

Though "football" means something different here in America than it does to the rest of the world, it's nearly impossible in this pop culture saturated day and age to enter into a major sporting event without some of the tonal affectations brought on by the sports we see in TV and movies. And so "clear yes, full hearts, can't lose" creeps in here: Switzerland's underdog label has us reminiscing about Season 1 of the beloved Friday Night Lights. They're kind of reminding us of the Dillon Panthers.

And so, while Switzerland's battle has come to an end (and so has the Panthers'; Coach is in Philly, after all!) let us relive the underdog ways of the early Panthers.

An injured quarterback in the first game of the season

The Panthers started out their year rough: QB Jason Street was hit during a game in a moment that would leave him a paraplegic forever.

It also changed his team forever, but the game had to go on, which meant we also got:

A Plucky Underclassman Given the Reins

You don't get more underdog than Matt Saracen, the bench-riding sophomore no one ever expected to take the field. Suddenly, he was responsible for leading a team and winning them games — and he actually pulled it off.

They Had A Surprising Winning Streak

There were a few misses at the beginning there, but when they rallied they rallied hard, and surprised an entire state of onlookers.

Despite a Drunken (Though Charming) Team Member

Gotta love Timmy Riggs.

They also had a lot of hope

Clear eyes, hearts, etc.

And they even played a game in a muddy farm field!

It was beautiful.

And in the end they made it to the state championships

It was also beautiful.

But as Panther football fans and Switzerland futbol fans know, you can't win every time: It looks like Switzerland might really be more like FNL Season 2. Let's hope they have a Coach Taylor to give them a rousing speech at the end of the day. Clear eyes, boys. Clear. Eyes.

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