'Seinfeld' Turns 25 & It's a Battle of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Characters: Elaine Benes Vs. 'Veep's Selina Meyer

Say it isn't so: Seinfeld is celebrating its 25th anniversary? Get OUT! Maybe it's because the classic sitcom is still very much part of our lexicon ("You double-dipped the chip!") or because it still airs in syndication almost around the clock, but it feels strange to think of Seinfeld as something from the past. (Even if the clothes and fashion on the comedy would imply otherwise.) But perhaps what makes Seinfeld feel as fresh and funny as ever is thanks to none other than actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

For nine landmark seasons, Louis-Dreyfus played the darkly funny Elaine Benes, the lone terrible woman in a group of terrible men. The iconic character (and her iconic kick dance) earned the actress an Emmy and a Golden Globe and made her a comedic force to be reckoned with in the television landscape. Louis-Dreyfus not only held her own in a talented ensemble cast, she could often mop them floor with them.

Sound familiar? That's because, sixteen years after Seinfeld called it a wrap, the actress is still winning awards, and still holding her own as a take-no-prisoners female character on Veep . While Elaine and Selina are wildly different characters (Elaine would never run for President, while Selina wouldn't dare eat a piece of very expired cake on the campaign trail), what remains the same is JLD's uncanny ability to level anyone with a well-delivered line or a bitter glare.

In honor of Seinfeld's 25th anniversary, and the timeless greatness of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, we're comparing her two greatest, funniest, and often meanest characters in TV history.

Most Vicious Elaine Line

"Maybe the dingo ate your baby!" It's not even the line so much as the mocking inflection. Elaine never shied away from raining on anyone's parade, whether they were gloating about their fiance or their "breathtaking" new baby.

Most Vicious Selina Line

Oh, jeez, how the hell do you pick just one? This show is jam-packed with relentless verbal assaults and JLD's Selina leads the pack. Still, we give a slight edge to her comeback "I'd rather set fire to my vulva" for painting one helluva vicious visual.

Elaine's Animal Cruelty

When faced with the unending nightmare of a neighbor's barking dog, Elaine takes part in an (ultimately doomed) dognapping plot.

Selina's Animal Cruelty

Supporting Israel during a pig roast? Not too kosher.

Elaine's Most Inappropriate Partner

Elaine, just like everyone on Seinfeld, had some pretty terrible relationships, but none was worse than her on-and-off courtship with lunkhead David Puddy.

Selina's Most Inappropriate Partner

Her personal trailer (very personal) has been referred to as a "chew toy." Enough said.

Elaine's Worst Head Game

Elaine had her own share of hair woes (a bird once flew into her "giant freak head") but that didn't even compare to the time she took George's awful toupee, ripped it off his head, and threw it out of Jerry's window.

Selina's Worst Head Game

Selina doesn't just make gaffes on American soil. Case in point: See above.

We love/fear you both equally, Elaine and Selina.

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