Check Out Rocker Ryan Adams' New Single

Rocker Ryan Adams just dropped a new single called, "Gimme Something Good," and it's the perfect soundtrack for a hot summer day. "Gimme Something Good," Adams' first release in over two years, will serve as the lead single from his upcoming self-titled album. Admittedly, my musical taste tends to gravitate toward the pop side of things, but I was immediately drawn in by "Gimme Something Good's" soaring, '80s arena rock-style chorus. This is the kind of gritty rock & roll anthem that makes you want to drive around town with the the windows down and the radio blaring, just taking in the summer air.

On "Gimme Something Good's" first verse, Adams sings about, strangely enough, being at a loss for words:

I can't talk

My mind is so blank

So, I'm going for a walk

I got nothing left to say

I can't see

There's a darkness on the rise

I'll be waiting here 'til the end of time

An acoustic guitar joins in just as the chorus hits — and that's when the song really takes off:

All my life been shaking, wanting something

Holding everything I had like it was broken

Give me something good, give me something good, give me something

Give me something good, give me something good, give me something good

"Gimme Something Good" has drawn comparisons to Tom Petty, but there's also something about it that reminds me of Aqualung's 2007 track, "Something to Believe In." Both songs share a sense of longing — an intense desire for something more. Check out "Gimme Something Good" via Spotify below. Adams' new self-titled album is due out on September 9.