U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup Tweets Reveal Americans Think Belgium Is Really, Really Small

The first half of the U.S. vs. Belgium World Cup game Tuesday was full of heart-in-the-throat moments for the U.S. team, with Belgium dominating the ball. That, however, didn't stop legions of Twitter users from commenting on the few things they know about Belgium — namely that it is small and waffle-eating — and the best things they know about the U.S. — namely that it is characterized by eagles and flames — and combining them in a handful of hilarious Tweets.

Still, the humor hasn't been quite enough to alleviate the stress of not playing too well in the first half of the game. ESPN's commentators were straight-up about it:

The U.S. have been second-best, no doubt about it, in that first half.

Plus there was the unfortunate injury that put the U.S.'s Fabian Johnson out of the game, though his replacement, DeAndre Yedlin, was praised for breaking into the game with furious energy. The 20-year-old quickly became the bright spot for the U.S. — so much so that the commentators opined that perhaps the "fearlessness of youth" was driving Yedlin's good play. "Well done from a young kid," they said, in the manner of very, very old people.

Without further ado, our favorite Tweets from the first half:

1. FLOTUS gets in on the fun

First Lady Michelle Obama remains an American hero, obvs.

2. America = freedom

Geddit? Free kick? Democracy? That's us! Nobody tell Americans that the European Union meets in Brussels. (That's in Belgium.)

3. America = King of the Hill

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, there was this.

4. Did we mention Belgium is small?

The U.S. is bigger.

5. The inevitable Backstreet Boys reference

6. Almost too much America for one Tweet

Fire, an eagle, a suburban oasis: What more could you ask for?

7. Actually too much America for one Tweet


7. The waffle jokes continued

No, we just can't get enough waffle jokes.