Tim Howard For President

by L. Turner

In a game that hasn't exactly been the U.S.'s best, one American has emerged as a true hero on the field this game. That's right: It's nothing less than Tim Howard for President right now. The man's saved just about everything with just about every part of his body, and regardless of the game's outcome we have to hand it to this guy for letting the U.S. fight it out from beginning to end.

Here's a little about Howard to impress your friends: Howard is known as the Americans' "Brick Wall," apparently, and he played so well during Tuesday's game that the commentators couldn't help but call him "Mr. Invincible." The 35-year-old Howard is straight out of New Brunswick, New Jersey; has a rep for playing games despite being injured; and plays for the English club Everton when he's not, you know, being nominated by Twitter for a presidential campaign.

The U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann told USA Today he considers Howard one of the world's best keepers, and he's not alone.

Timmy is one of our big shots. He's our leader. He keeps everybody together. We need him right now. In a World Cup, if you want to go far, you need one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and we have that one.

Here are some of the best Tweets in support of Howard's basically otherworldly performance on Tuesday — and the best saves Howard made this game.

1. Howard can take on the 2016 competition, maybe

She's apparently got competition in Tim Howard.

2. He has great style

The U.S. has really intense jerseys this year.

3. He stands up to Belgium with whatever he has available

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Like his shin.

4. He...wait, what?

Nah. Honestly, I think we know all we need to about Howard.

5. He knows how to rally a crowd

That's a key skill.

6. He's a magnet for attention

Guy knows how to turn the crowd's eyes — and the ball — Toward Him.

7. He's consistent

No, really, ELEVEN saves. Wait, thirteen and counting. WAIT, FIFTEEN.

8. Even when you think he won't escape a challenger, he does

Like any good American president!

9. What other candidate can be described like this?

That's what we thought.

10. Or, you know, like this

11. And finally, what's more presidential AND American than this?


After Howard couldn't quite save a Belgian goal in extra time, he got a little flack.

But we're pretty sure Americans will keep Howard, thank you.