How Their Family Watches the World Cup

by Arielle Dachille

Holy crapola, guys! The USA and Belgium World Cup game was intense! Just like the rest of the natural world, celebs got into the athletic intrigue, the Wilson-Hanks clan included. Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks and family watched the World Cup and Wilson tweeted a great picture of the whole gang tuning in to watch the nail-biting game. This, folks, is what true family unity looks like. During the next big sporting event, go call visit your mom and dad and demand that they turn on their television. The Wilson-Hankses had quality sport-watching time, and you should too.

In the photo, the family is visibly on the edge of their seats, so enthralled by the action that their game snacks have been left markedly untouched. Colin is especially is so into it he's literally about to fall off the couch. Check out that tray of neglected hummus and veggies in the middle of their oversized ottoman! Or is it a coffee table? Either way, it looks like West Elm piece... Also, another important question: Where’s the beer? There are quite a lot of glasses that appear to just be filled with water. Maybe they're filled with fancy schmancy cocktails. After all, Tom Hanks does strike me as a Mint Julep man.