11 Things Tim Howard Could Save, From Jennifer Lawrence to Simba to Taylor Swift's Moonman — MEMES

The United States might be out of the World Cup, but they're never out of the limelight. At least, one of the players isn't. Goalie Tim Howard has become a national hero basically overnight. Belgium might have been able to score two goals on him, but that was only after a lot of effort on their part. In fact, Howard blocked more goals than he lost, which has led fans to joke that he should be anything from our next Secretary of Defense to the next President of the United States. Wednesday morning, #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave began trending on Twitter and it's pretty much the most flawless hashtag ever.

Of course, Tim Howard has been a meme since the end of the match on Tuesday, but the #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave hashtag took it so much further that it's worth browsing if you need a laugh to get you through your Wednesday. Howard has gone from saving 16 goals to being an unstoppable forcefield slash part time superhero who can save anyone from anything or anything from any other thing. So, sure, we can all sit around and be disappointed that the United States is out of the World Cup, or we can do what we do best and celebrate our small victories and adore Tim Howard.

Here are some of our favorite things that Tim Howard could save.

The World From an Asteroid

Private Ryan




Taylor Swift

J. Law at the Oscars


Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

Miley Cyrus

And to add one of our own... Selena Gomez

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