Tim Howard's Wikipedia Entry Edited To Promote Him To "Secretary Of Defense", "American Jesus"

If there was one bright spot in the brutal United States vs. Belgium game Tuesday, it was Tim Howard, the Team USA goalkeeper who made more than a dozen saves and kept the game going into overtime. To honor his amazing feats, Tim Howard was dubbed "Secretary Of Defense" on Wikipedia, replacing Chuck Hagel — basically, he went from being a professional soccer player to a member of President Obama's cabinet.

He also received some cult hero status. Did you know Tim Howard is the new American Jesus, according to Wikipedia?

It might not all be hyperbole. Howard did make 16 saves during the USA-Belgium match — the most saves recorded by a goalkeeper in World Cup history. And in his home state of New Jersey, Howard already has Bruce Springsteen-level hero-worship status. "He is amazing," North Brunswick Councilman Ralph Andrews told MyCentralJersey.com. "They called him 'Superman' and I agree. He doesn't deserve to lose this game."

Of course, Wikipedia editors had to step in and return Howard's page to its original — and factual — state. But for a brief moment in time, Tim Howard was the Secretary of Defense American Jesus that we needed.

Neither Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel nor Jesus commented on Tim Howard taking over their positions. However, many Twitter fans had other ideas on how America can honor its new hero.

We still believe, Tim Howard.