Virtually Browse Cher Horowitz's Closet

by Erin Mayer

Well everyone, modern technology has finally reached full potential. Cher Horowitz's digitized wardrobe from Clueless is now a reality... sort of. London-based tech company Metail has developed a feature called "Share Your Cher," which allows you to create a virtual 3D model and try Cher's iconic wardrobe on for size.

Once on the Metail "Share Your Cher" page you enter your height, weight, and bra size. The website then guesses about your proportions and creates a 3D model, called a MeModel, that resembles your body type. I actually found the system to be eerily accurate and was super impressed by how much my MeModel's shape resembled my own. Your MeModel appears in a virtual fitting room and you can click on different clothing items — each mimicking a garment Cher wore in the film — and style an outfit.

It's all fun and games until you realize you can't actually buy Cher's iconic yellow plaid skirt suit ("As if!") and you are left feeling empty. Still, Metail is encouraging you to look on the bright side by offering a shopping voucher to the best Clueless-inspired outfit. The campaign is a very clever marketing scheme to advertise Metail, since the company encourages women to use MeModels while online shopping.

Check out my (admittedly lame) Cher MeModel below.


And since your heart is now broken at the thought of never dressing like the '90s icon, there's always this version of the plaid suit, which is way more modern (hellooo cropped jacket) and only $90 on the website Glitters for Dinner.

Glitters for Dinner