World Cup Recap: Cat Edition Might Make You Feel Better About the U.S.’s Loss to Belgium

Confession: I haven’t been following the World Cup. At all. Part of it is because I don’t have cable, so watching the games takes a little more planning than I’m usually willing to put into my television viewing habits; but really, the main reason is because I just don’t really do the sports thing. Like most people who spend a significant amount of time on the Internet, however, I love cats — so you know what? I’ll take this video put together by the geniuses at Mashable of cats reenacting key moments of this year’s World Cup over the actual World Cup any day.

This particular video recaps, in glorious feline form, the heartbreaking match from Tuesday in which the U.S. Men’s team lost to Belgium. “While a highlight reel might hurt too much to watch right now,” Mashable wrote, “boiling down the match to its most important moments, then replicating those moments with cute cats, could provide the perfect remedy for anyone suffering from the red, white, and blues.” I would revise the last part of that statement to read simply, “could provide the perfect remedy for anyone.” Period.

I’m not great at identifying cat breeds, but I’m pretty sure these two are Himalayans, which are known for their squashed faces and mostly white fur, with any colored patterns (like the grey patches on these cuties) being limited to their faces, feet, tails, and ears. I could be wrong, though, so if anyone else has a better idea, by all means, let us know. FYI, these two are called Gertie and Tofu; they’re rescue kittens, and according to their bios, they “encourage adoption when not scoring goals on a miniature pitch.” Awwwww!

Mashable also put together a GIF-stravaganza comparing each actual decisive moment from the U.S. vs. Belgium match to their kitten-tastic counterparts, so head on over there to take a look. In the meantime, though, cheer up. It’s just a game after all, right?

Mashable on YouTube

Image: Mashable/YouTube