Professional Bridesmaid Jen Glantz Advertises Services on Craigslist, So Spare Your Friends the Misery

I come from a big family, so I like to think I know quite a few things about weddings — after all, I once had two cousins get married in the same month. But here's something even I had never heard of: a professional bridesmaid. 26-year-old Jen Glantz of New York is offering exactly this service, and advertising it on Craigslist, no less. Professional bridesmaid. What will these wacky millennials think of next?

Glantz is a copywriter and blogger who's done significant time in the bridesmaid trenches. But instead of sighing the old "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" complaint, she's decided she'd like to be a bridesmaid even more often by offering her services to complete strangers. As she points out, she definitely has the experience necessary for the job. She writes,

I don't think that is actually what the phrase "like riding a bike" is supposed to mean, but whatever. At this rate it sounds like Glantz will get plenty of opportunities to use the phrase correctly when she serves once again as a bridesmaid at her friends' second weddings. Or at strangers' second weddings, now that she's turned professional.

Glantz's ad points out that there are lots of reasons a bride might want to bring on a professional bridesmaid, including:

As for her skills, Glantz writes she is "exceptionally good at" the following:

There's no mention on the Criagslist ad of whether or not Glantz expects to be paid for her services, or whether she considers it payment enough to get to take over the dance floor and drink all your booze at the reception. Either way, though, I personally would find the idea of bringing on a stranger to be a bridesmaid really weird.

I mean, imagine a bachelorette party, drinking and swapping stories with a half dozen or so of your best friends — and that girl you found on Craigslist. Imagine that girl you found on Craigslist catching your bouquet, beating out your wedding-obsessed best friend. Imagine having to explain to your third cousin (who's pulled her tongue out of the wine bottle long enough to call you in tears) why you decided that instead of having her in your wedding you wanted some girl from Craigslist.

But hey, weddings are a big business, after all. I suppose it was only a matter of time before bridesmaids got in on the action.