Top World Cup Moments, Re-Enacted By Fries

by Alicia Lu

Still don't get what all the World Cup fuss is about? Perhaps McDonald's latest campaign will get you on board, because McDonalds' "FryFutbol" series summarizes the World Cup using fries. (We're pretty sure someone who doesn't like either soccer or fries does not exist on this planet.) The FryFutbol campaign is a series of videos that feature French fries reenacting some of the biggest games of the World Cup so far. So if you don't feel like sitting through a 90-minute game, these 30-second clips starring the chain's famous golden fries are perfect for you.

McDonald's is very aware that nearly half of the world's population is watching the World Cup, and they've taken full advantage of promotional opportunities related to the sporting event. The FryFutbol video series was launched in conjunction with McDonald's Gol! campaign, which saw an unprecedented global redesign of the chain's fries packaging.

Starting May 26, McDonald's started featuring 12 new World Cup-centric designs for its medium and large fries by artists from around the world. Each design is compatible with the downloadable Gol! app that turns the fries container into a virtual soccer field. When you run the app and hold your mobile device up to the packaging, the app will recognize the design and start the game. It's a clever way to use FIFA fever to encourage sales while adding more fuel to the fever.

As for the FryFutbol series, it's an adroable and fun way to invite younger audiences and soccer neophytes to join in on the fun. Here's a sampling of the mouthwatering videos.

Australia vs. Netherlands

Remember this exciting back-and-forth game that saw the Netherlands edge out Australia 3-2? Well, there probably wasn't a kangaroo or a traveling wooden shoe in the real version, which makes this fries version way better.

Germany vs. Algeria

Though they were favored, Germany struggled for almost the entire game without their defender Mats Hummels, but they finally scored in extra time and won the game 1-0.

Netherlands vs. Mexico

The Dutch prevailed once more in this controversial game during which their midfielder Arjen Robben tumbled to the ground after making contact with Mexico's Rafael Marquez. Trust me, it's even more dramatic when reenacted by fries.

USA vs. Germany

To prove that fries reenactments are accurate and serious business, this video of the game that saw Germany score 1-0 against us includes the rain and all.

Brazil vs. Cameroon

In real life, Brazil dominated Cameroon 4-1, but in the fries version, the game was more of a pinball situation featuring a giant hamburger and soft drink. We'll take the fries version, please.

The National Anthem

Clearly singing isn't their strong suit. In this video, the fries try to sing the national anthem (for which nation, I'm not sure), but it just comes out like tone-deaf mumbling. Stick to soccer, guys.

Check back on the FryFutbol YouTube channel for Tuesday's USA vs. Belgium game if you want to see the fry version of Tim Howard.

Images: YouTube