New 'Sherlock' Trailer Indicates Season 3 Return... But When?

BBC favorite Sherlock just released its first teaser-trailer for Season 3 of the series. Will you watch it? The answer to that is elementary, my dear Watson. More difficult to answer, however, is when you'll be able to watch the series itself.

The teaser — which stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, two actors who have catapulted to fame thanks to Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit, respectively — shows the duo against the background of the series' music with the final promise, "To Be Continued."

But when, BBC? We do know that Cumberbatch is currently on the set of Sherlock, filming Season 3... but that's about all we know. And the fact that, despite their rising star power, the starring duo still enjoy solving crimes for the small screen. Said Cumberbatch to Entertainment Weekly, "The second series was weird. Because it was such a phenomenal success, we were a bit distanced from the routine and the inhabiting of those characters. This season, straight into it, comfortable. And [the characters all] immediately fit under our skins. Really hard work because it wouldn’t be a good show unless we were trying to evolve it and set ourselves new challenges and standards. But I love it. I’m very fond of playing him. You’re in for a treat this series.”

So, please, BBC, Cumberbatch, and Freeman — put us out of our misery soon?