Shopping On Twitter Is Going To Be A Real Thing Any Minute Now

If you've logged on to Twitter from your phone and scrolled through your feed, you may have seen an unfamiliar button pop up that reads, "Buy now." If you clicked on it, you would've found that it led to nothing. But soon, it'll allow you to shop directly from the social media platform. According to re/code, it's all part of an experiment for now, but one thing's for sure: The future of shopping within your Twitter timeline nigh.

A survey of the experimental tweets show that Twitter might be teaming up with shopping site Fancy, which will allow users to purchase products from their site inside the Twitter app and website. But it might not just end there. A source with direct knowledge of Twitter's commerce plan revealed to re/code that they are in talks with other similar shopping sites, too.

Re/code also discovered mock-ups which showed what the shopping process would look like. First, you'd click the "Buy now" button. This would prompt you to enter your name, address, credit card information — the usual online shopping information. After submitting the necessary info, it appears as though customers will then be able to track the shipping status of their order and receive updates.

It's all still very unclear and has not been verified by either Twitter or Fancy. What's also not certain is what Twitter's fees will be for hosting sales on their platform. Still, it seems like the obvious move Twitter needs to take to stay ahead of the game, while keeping their 600 million+ of users interested.

Image: Recode/Twitter