How Many 'Seinfeld' Cameos Do You Remember?

by Kristie Rohwedder

On the fifth day of July in the year 1989, a sitcom about nothing premiered on NBC. Yes, your finger counting calculations are correct: The fearsome foursome of Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Kramer (Michael Richards) first crashed into our living rooms via television set 25 years ago. The show ran for nine seasons and yadda yadda yadda, Seinfeld was and continues to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

Over the course of those nine seasons, a slew of recognizable guest stars graced the NBC soundstage. The cameos be poppin' like that scene transition bass line! Some of the actors were already household names at the time, others were just getting their show biz sea legs, but all of them are big deals.

How many famous faces popped up throughout the series? I found 37. That’s not to say there are only 37, that’s just how many I found.

How’d I go about my research? Did I spend the last week slamming liter after liter of Mountain Dew while I re-watched the entire series, refusing to let myself fall asleep until I took notes on all 180 episodes? Of course I did… NOT. I consulted the ol’ trusty Internet Movie Database and watched clips on YouTube. No Mountain Dew necessary.

Without further a-Dew, er, ado, allow me to present you with my research results:

Mariska Hargitay as Melissa

Melissa reads for the part of “Elaine” in Jerry and George’s pilot.

(“The Pilot,” S4E23)

Jon Favreau as Eric the Clown

Eric may not know who Bozo the Clown is, but at least he doesn't tackle children to save himself from a fire.

(“The Fire,” S5E19)

Lori Loughlin as Patty

“How much flan can a person eat?!?!”

(“The Serenity Now,” S9E3)

Jennifer Coolidge as Jodi

Jerry’s masseuse girlfriend who really doesn't want to give him a massage.

(“The Masseuse,” S5E5)

Catherine Keener as Nina

The artist who paints the Kramer portrait and rips off a Neil Simon play.

("The Letter," S3E21)

Bryan Cranston as Tim Whatley

The dentist/re-gifter.

(First appearance: “The Mom and Pop Store,” S6E8)

Jane Leeves as Marla

Jerry’s ex-girlfriend who loses her virginity to John F. Kennedy, Jr.

(First appearance: “The Virgin,” S4E10)

Drake Bell as Kenny

Way to harsh Kenny’s Frogger buzz, GEORGE.

(“The Frogger,” S9E18)

Courteney Cox as Meryl

Gotta get that dry cleaning discount!

("The Wife," S5E17)

Teri Hatcher as Sidra

“They’re real and they’re SPECTACULAR.”

(First appearance: “The Implant,” S4E19)

Jeremy Piven as Michael

Michael reads for the part of “George” in Jerry and George’s pilot.

(“The Pilot,” S4E23)

Anna Gunn as Amy

George really should replace his glasses.

(“The Glasses,” S5E3)

Melinda Clarke as Alex

Jerry’s girlfriend who “goes wild” for a hairless dog, which inspires him to shave his chest.

(“The Muffin Tops,” S8E21)

Brad Garrett as Tony

“See this gasket? I have no confidence in this gasket.”

(“The Bottle Deposit,” S7E20)

Jon Lovitz as Gary Fogel

Don't adjust your toupee and drive, kids.

(“The Scofflaw,” S6E13)

Denise Richards as Molly

Way to be a pair of skeezes, Jerry and George.

(“The Shoes,” S4E16)

James Spader as Jason “Stanky Hanky” Hanky

Costanza is not above begging for an apology in an ice cream parlor.

(“The Apology,” S9E9)

Molly Shannon as Sam

“What’s with her arms? They just hang like… salamis.”

(“The Summer of George,” S8E22)

Debra Messing as Beth

Eesh. That joke about dentists sure goes south fast, doesn't it?

(First appearance: “The Wait Out,” S7E23)

Janeane Garofalo as Jeannie

Jeannie and Jerry have “tremendous kiss compatibility.”

(First appearance: “The Invitations,” S7E22)

Bob Odenkirk as Ben

The almost-doctor who dumps Elaine the moment he gets his license.

(“The Abstinence,” S8E9)

Ben Stein as Shellbach

The lawyer who draws up Kramer’s living will.

(“The Comeback,” S8E13)

French Stewart as a Movie Theater Manager

She'll rush on over to the hospital right away, Mr. Manager. She has time to buy a box Jujyfruits first, yeah?

(“The Opposite,” S5E21)

Christine Taylor as Ellen

Jerry suspects Ellen is a loser. Morty and Helen liking her only confirms his suspicions.

(“The Van Buren Boys,” S8E14)

Scott Patterson as Billy

Sponge-worthy, or not sponge-worthy? That is the question.

("The Sponge," S7E9)

Patton Oswalt as a Video Store Clerk

Few have gone to such lengths to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So noble, George. So noble.

(“The Couch,” S6E5)

Kristin Davis as Jenna


(First appearance: “The Pothole,” S8E16)

Kathy Griffin as Sally

The star of “Jerry Seinfeld is the Devil,” Newman’s favorite one-woman show.

(First appearance: “The Doll,” S7E16)

Kyle Gass as a Man Smoking Outside of Monk's

How dare Monk’s kick them out!

(“The Abstinence,” S8E9)

Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mischke

Ah, yes. The Bra-less Wonder.

(First Appearance: "The Caddy," S7E12)

Marcia Cross as Sara

Jerry learns dermatologists do save lives.

(“The Slicer,” S9E7)

Debra Jo Rupp as Katie

Jerry’s very sweet, very messy manager.

(First appearance: “Diplomat’s Club,” S6E22)

Chris Parnell as an NBC Executive

One of the two NBC execs who offer Bania a pilot after the showcase.

(“The Butter Shave,” S9E1)

Lauren Graham as Valerie

All is fair in love and speed dial war.

(“The Millennium,” S8E20)

Megan Mullally as Betsy

George can only make a move when a woman sits on his left side, but Betsy always sits on his right. A classic Costanza conundrum!

(“The Implant,” S4E19)

Amanda Peet as Linette

Jerry's relationship with Linette relationship pushes him to bring George on as his dating assistant.

(“The Summer of George,” S8E22)

Danny Strong as Vincent

Vincent's picks > Gene's picks. Gene’s TRASH.

(“The Comeback,” S8E13)

Images: NBC