Cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" Is Better Than the Original — VIDEO

This song may have hit its peak on the radio last year, but it's getting a pretty cool renaissance on YouTube. The talented musician Sam Meador's cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" is super impressive, as he not only has the singing chops to hold his own as a vocalist sans any electronic beats to back him, but he also strips the songs of its EDM-fused sound, which really takes some quality musicianship. This rendition is executed on the percussive guitar without any backing vocalists or instrumentalists. This is not the version of the song you would put on your workout playlist, but it is definitely a version you'd want to put on your playlist for pensive slow walks. (Call it the "me time" cover, if you will.)

Meador is someone who we'll very likely be hearing more of in the near future. He's currently working on recording an album, and according to the YouTube page for this cover, he's using sales from this single to support that venture. While you can watch the video over and over again on YouTube (and below!), you can also purchase the track on his CDBaby page and contribute to his potential full-length album.

It would certainly be pretty cool to hear a dozen or so renditions of pop songs on the percussive guitar, or even some of his original music. Hopefully, we'll get to hear all of that soon, but for now, take a listen to this sweet cover:

Erthe and Axen Records on YouTube

Image: YouTube