Iranian Version of 'Modern Family' Is Identical to Original (Minus The Gay Couple, Of Course) — VIDEO

If you've ever asked yourself the question, "How would Modern Family look in another country?", we now have the answer for you. Take a look at this shot-for-shot carbon copy of the Iranian Modern Famil y produced by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. You'll see the show and its original American version side-by-side, and it replicates everything from Julie Bowen's harried mother character Claire to Ty Burrell's nutty father character Phil ... and we even have a baby Lily.

But there's one major thing —one major person, I should say — who is absent. There's no Cam. In the side-by-side shots when Mitchell announces to the entire family that he's adopted a Vietnamese baby, we see the Modern Family shot that we know and are familiar with (Cam presents Lily for the first time to "The Circle of Life,") but in the IRIB version, we see a woman bringing out the baby. Hmm.

I'm going to assume that in the IRIB version of the series, Dylan does not serenade Haley with "In The Moonlight (Do Me)," either.

But other than that major missing piece, it's pretty unreal how exact each shot is, and it's definitely interesting to see the two versions side by side.

Check it out below:

Sina Haghighi on YouTube

Image: ABC