Mad About The Hobby Lobby Verdict? 9 Items That Will Perfectly Display Your Outrage

Unless you've purposely had your head in the sand for the past several days, you've no doubt heard the Supreme Court ruling that resounded around the world, regarding Oklahoma-based crafts store Hobby Lobby's refusal to abide certain components of The Affordable Care Act. Those components were contraceptive healthcare coverage for employees, and after a ruling that Hobby Lobby may eschew that particular piece of employee coverage due to religious considerations, it appears that employees of the company will have to pay out of pocket for several types of birth control including Ella and Plan B.

The ruling has infuriated millions, so why keep your thoughts about it to yourself? Here are the nine best pieces of anti-Hobby Lobby paraphernalia to hit the Internet, in case you'd itching to have your outfit to make a statement about the Supreme Court's unpopular choice.

Hobby Lobby Pinback Button

Keep your ensemble politically vocal with this pin.

Geek Details Parody “Hobby Lobby This Is a Craft Store Not a Church” Pinback Button, $3.50,

WWRBG Do? T-Shirt

What Would Madonna Do? Try What Would Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg Do?

“What Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg Do?” T-shirt, $25.95,

Notorious R.B.G T-Shirt

All hail women’s rights proponent Ruth Bader Ginsburg with this “Notorious R.B.G” t-shirt (because despite the quality of his music, Biggie wasn’t exactly focused on the issue).

Human “Notorious R.B.G” T-Shirt, $28,

RGB Y'All T-Shirt

Show your support for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent with this straightforward tee.

Justice “RGB Y’All” T-Shirt, $22.70,

Anti-Hobby Lobby Quote T-Shirt

This thought-provoking tee provides just one of many points as to why Hobby Lobby’s stance is unsound with a quote by Benjamin T. Moore Jr.

InspirationxCreation Anti-Hobby Lobby Quote T-Shirt, $17.95,

Hobby Lobby Boycott Throw Pillow

Your political views aren’t just for wearing on your t-shirt; try asserting your views in your home decor with this throw pillow. A little violent, yes, but that’s why it’s best kept hidden away in your apartment.

I Just Might Get Drunk Tonight…Hobby Lobby Throw Pillow, $19.84,

Boycott Companies T-Shirt

Companies which discriminate against any group of people shouldn’t be patronized, and this shirt encourages others to think about their consumer habits with its slogan.

“Discrimination Against Women is NOT My Hobby!” T-Shirt, $22.95,

Separation of Church and Craft T-Shirt

Go with a witty pun to explain your stance with this “Separation of Church and Craft”.

Separation of Church and Crafts T-Shirt, $32.45,

Keep Your Laws Off My Body Feminist Necklace

Announce your views to the world with this necklace, which reads “Keep Your Laws Off My Body” in neon letters.

Keep Your Laws Off My Body Feminist Necklace, $22,