'The Killing' Season 4 Trailer Is a Juicy Start to Its (Likely) Final Season — VIDEO

It's been a long, tough road for this little show that just refused to quit — but The Killing is basically living proof that sometimes, not giving up in the world of TV actually pays off. After being canceled by AMC two whole times (once after season two, then again after season three) the series was officially picked up by Netflix for a fourth, final (for now) season, and now The Killing season four has a trailer. It's actually happening.

And, early judgment? It looks good.

As depicted in the trailer, which runs at an acceptable minute and a half in length, season four will open just after Linden ends up having to (SPOILER ALERT) kill her lover and boss Skinner at the end of the third season because she discovered he was a serial killer. As series creator Veena Sud told Yahoo! of season four: "...because of this thing that happened in the woods, both [Linden] and Holder's moral compass has become very gray. They have a secret together, and this secret will test their partnership and will tear apart their friendship as they try to keep it [a] secret." Yikes. Secrets never helped anyone, guys, remember that.

The trailer also delves into the new mystery that Linden and Holder take on in season four, which apparently involves a brutal murder (this show is called The Killing, after all) and a military academy. I'm totally here for this.

Season four of The Killing will premiere in full on Netflix on August 1. Check out the trailer below.

Image: AMC