Ed Sheeran's Album is Number 1 & Here's How He Should Celebrate

Attention All Sheerios! Our good friend, Ed, is number one! Well, Ed Sheeran's album "X" debuted at number one on the Billboard charts, at least. He's always number one where he truly belongs-- our hearts. So, despite us rolling our eyes at the rest of the world for just now realizing his ginger greatness, we're still glad he's getting the recognition he so sorely deserves. In short, we're just super proud of our imaginary bestie, aren't you?! All of his hard work is really paying off! But, now that we think about it, what does one do when you achieve that level of success so young?

We're sure he has loads of plans brewing in that unruly, red headed noggin. Parties? Vacations? A party-filled vacation?! I mean, who wouldn't want to commemorate such a tremendous accomplishment? Sheeran is only newly twenty-three after all, and that makes him prime partying age, despite having an old lady as a best friend (we're looking at you, Taylor). But having a number one album isn't any ordinary attainment, especially for a twenty-something. So he has to be cooking up something special. And it's got the wheels turning in our lowly, not as musically inclined brains...

1. He's going to sit his fine musical butt down in a chair and take a big ol' breath.

Because touring the world and being consistently awesome is exhausting. Not that we'd know, *shrugs* but it seems like it would be.

2. He's gunna call his BFFL Taylor.

Perhaps she'll throw an elegant shindig at one of her mansions? Preferably the one in Rhode Island, it's conducive to barbecuing and water frolicking. Maybe our favorite fiesty feline Meredith will come, maybe she'll have better plans, who knows? She has been known to have a real attitude, though. It seems like Olivia Benson is more apt to listen to her Mom and Uncle Ed.

Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

3. He'll probably do an impromptu performance.

Because what's a party without a mini concert? And Ed, we are celebrating your album, so you should probably sing to remind us why. Not that we need to be reminded, considering your voice sounds like a chorus of sweet baby angels.

4. Maybe he'll invite his Game of Thrones pal, Maisie Williams.

Friends who tweet together, party together. (We think). And like, who wouldn't want Williams at their party? She's ARYA STARK, OKAY?! And a kick ass girl on and off screen.

5. He'll rest his beautiful copper head down on a pillow and sleep soundly.

After all that partying and celeb hanging and music playing and cat snuggling, he's going to be super tired. So we have one thing left to say: Sweet dreams, Ed. You deserve it you talented boy, you!