'Magic in the Moonlight's Emma Stone & Colin Firth Stir Up Art Deco Dreaminess in First Photos

Combine two parts art deco with one part Emma Stone and one Part Colin Firth and you may as well be describing any one of our semi-regular escapist daydreams (wherein we are Emma Stone and/or her best friend, and dating Colin Firth, because duh). Conversely, you'd also have Woody Allen's latest film, the 1920s period piece starring the duo called Magic in the Moonlight . And as evidenced by these latest photos from the film, the whole thing looks pretty magical indeed.

I mean regardless of the age difference between them (we're, personally, a bit of the ageist sort), Firth and Stone have the sort of charisma that could carry them anywhere, bringing with them an effortless sort of elegance and class (coupled with a bit of that dry humor we love so much) that feels tonally at home in the glitz of the 1920s.

And the photos? Well, they're just downright dreamy. So dreamy in fact that we've decided to daydreamily come up with a few captions as to what thoughts Emma Stone might be having within them.

All Images: Jack English/Sony Pictures Classics

“I’m sorry, I’m sure what you’re saying is quite fascinating but all I’m hearing is ‘Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy.”

“Do you know how many redheads can actually pull off peach? Do you? I’ll give you a hint: it’s PRETTY MUCH JUST ME and Christina Hendricks so BREATHE IT IN, chaps.”

“No! I told Bitsy I was the one doing Parisian nautical chic tonight!”

“I bet these swimming suits we’re wearing are totally matchers ‘cuz we’re adorable, aren’t they?”

…I actually can’t think of a caption for this one because I’m just incredibly distracted by Woody’s…what is that? Is that a belt fan? A clip-on fan thing? Or one of those weird insect deflectors? (they’re a thing!)

Whatever the case it’s NOT VERY PERIOD APPROPRIATE, WOODY. UGH thanks for taking me out of the grandeur and beauty!