These Two Ballerinas Are Here To Stay

Well that was insanely brilliant. So You Think You Can Dance 's Season 11 Top 20 competition night began on Wednesday night, and each of the 20 dancers had the chance to impress the judges and audience in their own styles, and one of the greatest routines of the night hands down was the pointe routine danced by ballerinas Jourdan and Jacque. If ever the term beast was applicable to dancers, it would be perfect for these two incredible female dancers doing a beautiful piece to music from Swan Lake.

The best part about these two ballerinas onstage together was the fact that it was the first time in the SYTYCD history that two women were able to dance a ballet routine together, let alone doing that routine on pointe. Jourdan was already one of our frontunners but now Jacque is making her way to the top. The last time we were able to see ballet done on the competition stage was with Season 9 winner Chehon and finalist Eliana's pas de deux. The dance showed why Chehon walked away with the competition and also showed the beautiful style of Eliana but two women dancing on pointe together? Sorry Season 9-ers, this was way more memorable.

Having two females dance together on the SYTYCD stage is kind of rare and has been kind of hit or miss. Every year, the Top 4 finalists dance with each other, which means there's always at least one dance with two females, but that's usually about it. The first few seasons had great dancers that were taken down by their weird routines from equally weird choreographers, or dances that weren't nearly as fierce as the routines with two men even when the dancers had the technique and power to dance as well or better than their male counterparts. The best two-female routines didn't really come until few seasons ago. Here are some of the best.

Melanie And Sasha's Routine Was The Best Of Season 8

These two insanely good dancers finally had the chance to work together with choreography from fellow beast Sonya Tayeh. The judges were floored by the routine including guest judge Lady Gaga for whom this routine must have been a dream come true. She loved it so much, she threw her shoes at the dancers as the ultimate compliment? Confused. Yea, me too but it's Lady Gaga so that comes with the territory

Season 10's Jasmine Showed Off Her Dance Versatility

When it came time for the Top 4 dancers of Season 10 to dance whatever style they desire, Jasmine Harper decided to go against her contemporary style and go for Hip Hop. She got to work with All-Star Comfort with choreography by Tabitha (and a little bit of help from Napoleon). The three-female Hip Hop routine had extra help from the perfect song choice with Queen Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)". What resulted was not only one of the best Hip Hop numbers on the history of the show, but one of the best in general.

Images: Fox