SYTYCD Ricky Just Solidified His Place On Top With An Incredible Contemporary Routine

On Wednesday night's Top 20 competition night of So You Think You Can Dance, contestant Ricky Ubeda performed an amazing routine with fellow contestant Jessica Richens by choreographer Sonya Tayeh. And with it, Ricky proved why he is clearly one of the finalists to beat in this competition and how he'll definitely be able to elevate his partners throughout Season 11.

We first met Ricky at the Season 11 Atlanta auditions where he instantly impressed the judges and showed his adorable personality during his introduction with host Cat Deeley. He performed his audition in honor of his mom and her support throughout his dance career. How crazy sweet is that? Ricky's dance style immediately reminded me of a more controlled and mainstream version of Season 7 contestant Billy Bell who had the most incredible extensions and movement with his legs. If you remember, Billy gave us one of the best So You Think You Can Dance performances of all time with the "Mad World" contemporary number. My hope is that once Ricky, who seems to be just as talented as Billy, will be able to get more and more memorable routines like "Mad World" and this first routine he performed Wednesday night.

But this number wasn't just about Ricky and his equally great partner Jessica, who almost went home during LA callback week but was thankfully saved by the judges when she danced for her life. It's also about the incredible choreography by Sonya. This number is not the first time Sonya has been able to bring out the best in the contestants.

Season 7's Alex Wong Learned To Show His Emotions Thanks To Sonya

Alex Wong may have been technically one of the best dancers in the history of SYTYCD but he had a very tough time showing his emotions in his dance. Those feelings finally broke through in his Sonya Tayeh number with all-star Allison Holker, aka one of the other best dancers in SYTYCD history. This number danced to Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" will do down as one of the best SYTYCD dance numbers ever.

The Season 8 Top 10 Girls Had One Of The Best Group Numbers Ever Thanks To Sonya

I don't ever think a number with all girls has been more entertaining and equally as weird as Sonya Tayeh's "Pop Drop and Roll" number with Season 8's Top 10 girls. The routine showed that the girls were more than just their signature styles of dance, and isn't that the whole point of the show?

Season 8's Melanie And Sasha Became The Frontrunners Thanks To Sonya

This is yet another amazing number with women. Sonya has the ability to take great female dancers who have great technique but may not have fully shown their great personalities yet, and make them unforgettable to the audience. Melanie and Sasha were already two of the best technicians of Season 8 but after this Sonya number, no one else could even compare.

Season 10's Fik Shun Showed More Than Just Hip Hop Skills Thanks To Sonya

Throughout Vegas callback week and even during in his first audition, Fik Shun was always considered a great Hip Hop dancer with a great personality but not many thought he could go all the way. But in his first competition routine choreographed by Sonya, Fik Shun was able to prove his worth and went on to win the entire show. Sonya made Fik Shun look credible and helped people take him seriously.

Images: Fox