Caity Copley's "Audrey Hepburn Legs" Will Have You Singing Along In No Time — LISTEN

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Caity Copley just dropped her new single, "Audrey Hepburn Legs," and it's a carefree, infectious little ditty that's just perfect for freshening up your summertime playlist. In fact, according to Pop On and On, "Call Me Maybe" hit maker Carly Rae Jepsen's team actually wanted her to record "Audrey Hepburn Legs" — and it'll make total sense once you hear the song. It's undeniably catchy and it doesn't sound like anything else on the radio right now. With its wonderful throwback vibe, "Audrey Hepburn Legs" will have you groovin' and singin' along in no time.

Lyrically, "Audrey Hepburn Legs" focuses on the romantic tension between a man and a woman. It's a familiar setup for a pop song, but the track's jazzy instrumentation gives it a unique sexiness. On the first verse and pre-chorus, Copley sings:

I like the boys that always seem to make me rearrange my night

And you’re my best bet, baby

I wanna roll ya like a pair of dice

Honey, I know just what you need

So, come back bring it right here to me

‘Cause I need some lovin’ till the break of dawn

Please, sugar, don’t keep me waiting too long

Inevitably, the song's irresistible chorus will get stuck in your head for days:

Mr. James Dean stunna, I can feel your toxic touch up and down my body

He said, “Ms. Audrey Hepburn Legs, can we skip the conversation? I know that you really want me.”

So, could "Audrey Hepburn Legs" become Copley's breakthrough hit? It's entirely possible. However, as great as I think the song is (and I think it's really great), I can't shake the feeling that it's missing something. Some vocal ad-libs during the final chorus, perhaps? A faster tempo? I'm not exactly sure what the track needs, but I feel as though it could've used a little more "oomph."

I'm also not terribly thrilled with the notion of a dude telling a woman, "I know that you really want me." I mean, I realize that that schtick actually works for some guys, but it makes me a little uneasy. It might've been more interesting if Copley had "flipped the script," if you will, and put the song's female narrator in charge, challenging our expectations of how these flirty interactions typically go. But these are relatively small gripes.

"Audrey Hepburn Legs" is a seriously impressive offering from an up-and-coming artist who I hope we'll be hearing a lot more from soon! The song is available on iTunes now.

Image: Caity Copley/YouTube