What's The Song In The Bud Light Lime Slip 'N Slide Block Party Ad? "Let's Go" Is Super Fun

Okay, every last one of Bud Light Lime’s gargantuan boom box block party commercials almost make me forget how badly I skinned my forearms the last time I got my Slip ’N Slide on. I'd be lying if I said that Slip 'N Slide doesn't almost look fun. I almost want to run out to Target and buy a Slip ’N Slide the moment I finish typing this sentence. ALMOST. Are we sure the ad campaign isn't actually for Slip ’N Slides? ANYWAY, what’s that song in the newest BLL ad? In the other versions, we heard “Coolin’ In The Streets” by Andra Day and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's “Summertime.” In the latest iteration, the partygoers hurl their bodies at a wet plastic sheet while rocking out to “Let’s Go” by Bean.

Bean (full name: Noelle Bean) is a 22-year-old pop musician whose YouTube videos set her music career in motion. Per her official website, she's opened for acts like Colbie Caillat and Austin Mahone, and in 2012 she was one of the 25 artists picked for the Macy’s and iHeartRadio “Rising Star” campaign. You can find "Let's Go" on her new EP, er, "mini album" Rollercoaster.

If you think you've heard "Let's Go" before, you're probably correct: The song was in a recent Mitsubishi ad:

And here's the Bud Light ad:

"Let's Go"? More like "Let's Go Slip 'N Sliiiiiiiiide," amirite?!

Image: Bud Light/YouTube