Style Blogger Writes Anti-Hobby Lobby Post

Whether you're completely against or in full support of the recent Hobby Lobby rulings, it seems everyone has an opinion about the matter, fashion bloggers included. Blogger Jessica Quirk of What I Wore recently posted a DIY project on her blog for American Flag-printed jorts. Although there was no political statement made within the post, Quirk voiced her thoughts on her Facebook page, saying the following: "It's a great time of year for this patriotic DIY, just don't shop at Hobby Lobby for the supplies."

This did not go over well with a slew of her 29K followers. Fans quickly replied to this post, showing their disappointment with Quirk's decision to voice her political thoughts on a personal blog that's supposed to be about fashion. Caroline McClung said, "Way to politicize your page, I like following because of the cute outfits you put together but now I'm going to unfollow." Another fan, Laura Graham, said this, "Stick to fashion and leave your political opinions to yourself. Otherwise, start a political blog. We don't care about your liberal agenda. Unfollowing." Quirk was not shy about defending her choice. She replied, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm just as entitled to share my beliefs as anyone else, especially on my own Facebook page" and "Whoa whoa whoa. I can't voice my political beliefs, but a major corporation can voice theirs?"

And although Quirk received a lot of heat for her Facebook post, she also had the support of many of her followers, too. "So relieved to see other women stand up for women's rights! I just cant fathom as a woman agreeing that it is okay for hobby lobby to decide my family planning. Such a dangerous path. Love your page! Stay strong!," posted Brandi Straub Bradley. Dara Elizabeth posted, "I knew I liked you, but now I really like you! Thanks for standing up for women's rights!"

Quirk updated her post recently to give her final thoughts on the small debate she caused within her fanbase. "The starting point of the initial comment I made for this post is that I don't think it's a good idea for big businesses to cherry pick our health coverage, whether it's for a hot button issue like reproductive rights or something else. It's a scary world when the company you work (not just HL) for can say 'ahhh... nope... we just can't cover that!' whether its for religious reasons or otherwise (don't even get me started about maternity/postpartum care in the US!) Legal cases like these set precedents and can have powerful after effects."

Although I think that Quirk's decision to voice her opinion about Hobby Lobby welcomed unwanted and unnecessary negativity, I think she's completely entitled to sharing her beliefs. Although she is a fashion blogger, at the end of the day, her blog is a personal blog where she is welcome to write about whatever she wants. It'd be one thing if she was representing a larger company, but she is representing herself and what she stands for. That's the beauty of freedom of speech in this wonderful country of ours, right?