5 Painfully Sexist Cards Against Humanity

by Abby Johnston
Cards Against Humanity

We'll go ahead and clear this up: We get the joke. We understand that Cards Against Humanity is supposed to be offensive. But after that transphobic Cards Against Humanity card came to light last week, we rifled through the deck again and found more than a few really sexist cards we thought could use a second look, too.

Cards Against Humanity is non-discriminatory in its offensiveness. It really manages to brush on all races, genders, and traumatic events that have happened in the last century or so. Still, as we saw with the "Passable Transvestites" card, there are times when it can be taken too far. Even co-creator Max Temkin stepped in to take the blame and apologize, which is really saying something for the proprietor of a game with a card reading, "This year's mass shooting."

It's wholly unsurprising, looking through the cards, that this game was created by a group of eight men. There are certainly points where women can feel alienated in the game ("Getting so angry you pop a boner." "A snapping turtle biting the tip of your penis."), but that isn't even the worst part. There are a few cards that poke fun at some pretty dangerous and oppressive parts of women's lives. Hey, y'all, maybe you should reconsider these five cards, too?

1. "Copping a feel"

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unwanted touching is never funny. Being OK with somebody groping a woman without her consent contributes to the idea that women are objects, there for someone else's gain.

2. "A bitch slap"

Can we all stop saying this, already? First off, hitting isn't cool. Secondly, a "bitch slap" would indicate that that person wasn't worthy of something more manly. You know, like a punch. And I think we established a long time ago it's not cool to call women "bitches."

3. "Coat hanger abortions"

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We have not been fighting for safe abortion access since Roe v. Wade to have it made the punchline of a card game. Unsafe at-home solutions are the unfortunate result of when women aren't given adequate care. Not cool.

4. "Penis envy"

Ha. Yeah, right. Thanks, Freud.

5. Pixelated bukkake

Though bukkake is a relatively niche part of porn, it's pretty demeaning to women. It turns a woman into an object of gratification, and objectifies her in a group setting. So pixelated or not, I think this one should go.