12 Weird Wedding Cakes, Because Who Needs Another Boring, Pastel Pastry?

Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There’s something to be said for a picture-perfect, totally gorgeous wedding cake… but there’s also something to be said for a zany, off-the-wall, impressively bizarre wedding cake. After all, a good theme requires not only an excellent baker and decorator to carry off, but also someone creative enough to think up the idea in the first place. We’ve all seen more than enough white and pastel creations covered with fondant and edible lace to last us for a good long while, so why not spend a little time with these totally crazy cakes instead?

In case you’re using these 12 glorious confections as inspiration for your own big day, allow us to point you towards SheKnows for the six most important things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding cake. Or, if you’re culinarily inclined (which is a term I definitely just made up), you could even try — gasp! — making your cake yourself with these tips from Epicurious. You might even think about breaking free from the whole cake tradition with one of these alternatives (wedding donuts, anyone?). Whatever you pick, it’s sure to be delicious.

1. I’m Lovin’ It

I am uncertain whether this magnificent creation is made of cake and looks like burgers, or whether it’s made of burgers and looks like cake. Either way, though, it deserves a round of applause.

2. The Not-So-Red Wedding

Let’s just hope no one invited the Lannisters.

3. Pizza, Pizza

Technically this is a groomsman cake, not the wedding cake proper, but I still think it deserves an entry here. Seriously — it looks just like pizza. The Ninja Turtles would probably dig this one.

4. Now That’s Dedication

This gruesome one made its way onto reddit under the title, “The Manliest Wedding Cake I’ve Ever Seen.” I’m not sure Ron Swanson would necessarily agree, but according to the person who it belonged to, the plane and the little people were all edible. Bonus points for that.

5. Creeper Cake

Minecraft: bringing people together in holy matrimony since 2011.

6. Heads Up

Okay, I’m cheating a little here — that’s (obviously) not the actual cake. I’m going to make you all link through if you want to see this one, because to be honest, it’s a little gory. Actually, it’s a lot gory. Gory enough, in fact, that it would be kind of mean to spring it on you without warning. In spite of its goriness, though, it’s quite the impressive feat of cake-making. Click at your own risk.

7. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

The couple that beers together, stays together.

8. Happy Halloween!

And for the curious, yes, the couple did get married on October 31. According to the cake maker’s deviantART page, the wedding was in a funeral home and everyone dressed up as zombies — including the bride. Speaking of zombies…

9. Braaaaaaaaaains

I think my favorite part about this one is how elegantly understated the zombie theme is.

10. For the Sports Fan in Your Life

I believe this is the Nebraska stadium where the Huskers play. Anyone care to confirm?