Chris Colfer's Hacked Twitter Account Produced a Lot of Hilarious Reactions

If you've been away from the Internet today, friend, you've missed a lot. In the span of this time, Glee star Chris Colfer tweeted he was leaving the series — then, about twenty minutes later, his representative immediately released a statement saying that Colfer's Twitter account was hacked and the actor is indeed returning to Glee for its final season. Literally all within an hour.

Understandably, as Colfer is one of the most loved stars of the series — and arguably its biggest apart from Lea Michele — fans of the actor and the show went pretty mental on Twitter when the original tweet was posted. And then, when it was proven to be fake, they went even crazier. Like, if you thought fans of Justin Bieber and One Direction fans were bad, you have seen nothing until you see how fiercely Glee fans (or Gleeks, if you want to be technical) defend the show.

So, of course, in the interest of journalism, I had to have a look on Twitter and round up the best responses to what I will now officially call Chris Colfer hackgate. I know, I know — it's a tough job, but I've devoted my life to reporting the news, guys. Someone's gotta do it.

Also, hackers suck.

Image: Technofirefly/Tumblr