'Game Of Thrones,' 'Family Guy' Crossover Drawings Prove The Internet Won't Let This Show Go

Some days you just gotta wonder if the entire objective of our current era is to turn absolutely everything that isn't already Game Of Thrones into Game Of Thrones. Our latest evidence lies with these drawings of Family Guy characters transplanted into Game Of Thrones .

My personal biases lies far more toward Game Of Thrones than toward Seth MacFarlane's long-running cartoon, so the chuckles these things elicited from me had less to do with seeing, say Lois as Catelyn Stark and more to do with seeing my favorite Game Of Thrones all cartoonified. But maybe it's all the same? Stewie Griffin on the Iron Throne is kind of terrifying, after all, but so was Joffrey — so combining them is kind of great.

Pretty much anyone scowling with a wolf as Jon Snow will make me laugh, too, so that one's also among my favorites. I would argue, though, that Peter Griffin's more of a Robert Baratheon than a Ned Stark.

I'm starting to feel like if I wait long enough, Game Of Thrones' vast and devoted audience will eventually pair Game Of Thrones with literally every show that's ever been popular. I kind of can't wait for someone to do this to a show like Gilmore Girls, or Friends.

You can revel in the crossover below, and see the rest over at Elite Daily.

Images: Elite Daily