No, Lea Michele Isn't Pregnant — She's Just the Second 'Glee' Star to Have Her Twitter Hacked

No, it's not time to start freaking out, Glee is not going to have to adopt some sort of crazy Rachel Berry-is-pregnant storyline next season. According to JustJared, that tweet posted from Lea Michele's account claiming that she's pregnant was the product of a troll — Lea Michele is not pregnant, her account was just the victim of a hacker. Yep, one day after her Glee co-star Chris Colfer's Twitter was hacked to say that he was "let go" from Glee for "personal issues." Weird, right?

The tweet, which has already been deleted from Michele's Twitter, read, verbatim, "Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy." To be fair, this doesn't actually read like something Michele would tweet (like, I don't think she would hashtag #BabyBoy to announce a pregnancy — but maybe I just like to see the best in people?) so it's not as striking as Colfer's tweet about being fired from Glee was yesterday.

Still, though — what's going on with Twitter? First Colfer, then Wilmer Valderrama's Twitter was hacked with terrible posts about Demi Lovato — and now Lea's account? It kind of feels like too big of a coincidence that three high profile users had their accounts taken over within the span of literally a day. Someone at Twitter has some 'splainin to do about security...just saying.

Rachel Berry is not impressed with your efforts, hacker.

Image: MTV, Fanpop