Taylor Swift is Celebrating July 4 in an Epic Way

At this point, can we really expect any Instagrams, Vines, and other forms of social media depicting Taylor Swift's life to be anything less than adorable? Because, you know, I really don't think so, and this just proved it to me — it's like her life is a nonstop lifestyle blog that Lauren Conrad contributes to or something, and mine is like, a Livejournal blog that hasn't been updated since 2005 because I got too lazy. Case-in-point: Taylor Swift's Fourth of July festivities include Jaime King, a giant inflatable turtle that Swift jumps on in her giant, expensive pool, and also a homemade cake that looks like something Martha Stewart would shed a proud tear looking at.


Luckily for the rest of us who aren't living the dream this Fourth of July, Swift and her friends have been posting ample evidence of their holiday weekends on Instagram. First, King posted a (pretty hilarious, I admit) video of Swift body-slamming the aforementioned giant inflatable turtle in her pool, captioned, "There is only ONE ninja turtle in town and that is @taylorswift!" King can be seen next to Swift in the video, jumping into the same pool with a giant inflatable dolphin. Of course.

Then, of course, there were more pictures — this time of Swift and friends finishing up decorating a Fourth of July celebratory cake in the fashion of an American flag. Raspberries, frosting, blueberries...it's all included. And it looks delicious.

This is solid proof that life is unfair and Taylor Swift's is basically perfect. All that's missing is an adorable kitten — NO WAIT SHE HAS THAT TOO AND IT'S NAMED OLIVIA BENSON.

Sigh. OK.

Image: amandygriffith/Instagram, jaime_king/Instagram, Photobucket