Joanna Krupa Denies Threatening Wildlife-Hunting Texas Cheerleader, But Stands By Her Statement

In true Real Housewives form, it seems that drama still follows cast members even when they're not filming the series. For instance: Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa has made headlines recently, and it's not for anything even remotely related to the reality series — instead, Koanna Krupa is feuding with Texas Tech cheerleader and wildlife hunter Kendall Jones, who herself caused controversy when photos from her "big game" hunting made their way online.

If you're not familiar, the controversial images of Jones included the 19-year-old posing by animals she hunted and killed on a safari in Africa — one depicts Jones hugging a deceased leopard, and others show her sitting with dead lions and hippos, all with a smile on her face.

As an advocate for animals, Krupa was (understandably) furious upon seeing the images, and took to social media to join the scores of people who have expressed their distaste for Jones. The drama between the two starts here: Recently, Jones’ father spoke with TMZ Sports stating that while Jones has received many death threats, she also received a threat from Krupa herself.

However, though it’s true that Krupa posted an Instagram comment that reads like a threat, apparently it didn't actually come from herself — instead, claims the comment was sent to her by a fan, and she reposted it because she was angered by what Jones is doing. As you can see in a screenshot of the comment (which has been deleted), Krupa does cite the original source of the comment. This isn't an excuse, of course, as any sort of threat is a big deal no matter the circumstances, but it still does clear some things up.

That said, Krupa explained to TMZ when they caught up with her in LA that she stands by her disgust with Jones' hunting. Check the interview below.

Image: TMZ