New 'Gone Girl' Posters Will Get You in the Mood to Solve a Mystery — PHOTOS

Marriage can be tough. Marriage in a mystery thriller novel can be particularly tricky. Just ask the main characters of Gone Girl, whose fictional marital drama will be played out by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and directed by The Social Network/House Of Cards director David Fincher and will be broadcast to the world come October. The new Gone Girl posters certainly paint a picture of trickery, deceit, and possible foul play.

Bustle's own Tanya Ghahremani examined one of the new posters already this week, but Variety's got a bunch more, and they're all things that'll likely leave newbies and readers of the book alike titillated. They're what you'd call "good teases."

As with the first one, each of the posters features different objects encased in evidence bags — little tidbits from the Dunne marriage and everything going on behind the scenes. Specifically we've got a pair of red lacy undergarments, a very sharp-looking precision knife, and a note dated July 5, 2012 which reads "This man may kill me."

If there's a way to tease drama for this movie without actually spoiling anything — and this is a mighty spoilerable story — this seems to be it. It certainly paints an interesting picture.

Images: 20th Century Fox