Getting Drunk Off 'GoT' Wine With Cersei Lannister

by Alanna Bennett

PSA: If there's one solid way to wile away the months until Game Of Thrones comes back into our lives (probably to kill off more of our favorite people) it's with alcohol. Which is why it's kind of a strok of genius for that there is now The Wines Of Westeros, a line of wines modeled after different Game Of Thrones houses. You will soon be able to literally get drunk off of Game Of Thrones.

[Game Of Thrones Season 3 spoilers] Wine might not have gone so well for King Joffrey, but it's certainly helped a number of people in Westeros through some rough times. Tyrion certainly partakes whenever his family's twisted power plays are getting to him (AKA all the time). The Hound was a fan. And then there was perhaps the most iconic wine-related moment of Game Of Thrones: The first season's "Blackwater," in which the world was introduced to the glories and deviances of Drunk!Cersei. It was beautiful.

In this time of wine-related celebration, let us use Drunk!Cersei as our inspiration. Sure, she may come thisclose to killing little Tommen to protect him from the oncoming coup, but she was kind of a fun broad for a second there. So, without further ado, here are the stages of getting drunk off Game Of Thrones wine with Cersei Lannister. Just pray she owes you no bad debts.

Too sober

Just a lot of glaring/active insults.

The beginnings of tipsiness

Things start to get a little more earnest.

Full-on buzzed

The confessions start

The advice starts

The jolly stage

It's rare, so enjoy it.

Things get silly

Then some emotional breaking point is reached

Stay out of hitting/flying wine glass distance.

Some more sage wisdom

(Then sleep).

How many months until Game Of Thrones is back?

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