Cara Delevingne, out! Zac Efron, in! In what is possibly the most unexpected and shocking July 4th weekend happenings, Michelle Rodriguez was caught smooching on her significant other, and it was definitely not who we thought it'd be. It appears that Rodriguez isn't as attached to her "It Girl" model lover as she once was now that she was snapped canoodling with Efron on a holiday getaway. Dare we say, the fireworks flew between them? (Sorry, I had to).

We can't blame Rodriguez for not fretting over the jet-setting Delevingne, anyway. While the British model scours the world, taking naked pictures in tropical locales, Rodriguez saw it fit to busy herself swimming, frolicking, and kissing, a one Mr. Efron. I mean, if you have to move on from someone, or at least forget about them for awhile, Zefron sure isn't a bad way to do it. Not that we know if there are any hard feelings between the actress and the model. For all we know, this is totally cool with the both of them. But that still doesn't detract from our initial disbelief over this new pairing.

Check out the candid pictures of the two below:

Image: Twitter